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www.hket.com 內容之授權申請程序


  • 作宣傳、廣告、出版
  • 將本網之內容轉載到內聯網或互聯網之上
  • 把本網之內容儲存


請致電發行部 (852) 2880 2869 或電郵至 copyright@hket.com 向我們申請授權。


請先致電 iMoney 市務部 (852) 3650 6751 或電郵至 imktg@hket.com 向我們申請授權。

If you want to copy or re-print any articles and photos from www.hket.com, including :

  • for publicity, advertising, publication
  • transfer any materials from this website to other intranet or internet pages
  • storage of materials of this website

Hong Kong Economic Times:

Please apply authorization for the captioned at Circulation Department (852) 2880 2869 or email to copyright@hket.com beforehand.

iMoney Magazine:

Please apply authorization for the captioned at iMoney Marketing Department (852) 3650 6751 or e-mail to imktg@hket.com beforehand.